1. What is Soft Serve?

    Soft Serve is one of the tastiest things we know! It is a type of soft ice cream that is dispensed from a machine instead of being served by hand. The Ice Cream machines in our Mr Whippy vans work much the same way as the machines do in an ice cream factory, except our ice cream is the freshest it can be and isn’t so cold.

  2. What is the difference between Soft Serve and Hard or Rolled ice cream?

    Soft Serve is produced at a temperature of 4°C compared to rolled ice cream which is stored at -15°C. A warmer temperature allows the taste buds to detect more flavour.

  3. What’s in Mr Whippy Soft Serve Ice Cream?

    Our Mr Whippy Soft Serve Ice cream is a unique recipe and is made to the highest quality standards in New Zealand. It has a distinctive vanilla flavour and creamy texture that appeals to both children and adults. Our Mr Whippy ice cream is made primarily from skim milk and cream. It is 90% fat free and contains less sugar than other ice creams and snack bars. Each Operator should have a copy of the ingredient, nutritional and allergy information.

  4. Does it contain pig fat?

    No way! Our Mr Whippy soft serve ice cream doesn’t contain any pig fat, chicken fat and is 100% vegetarian. Our soft serve mix is made in New Zealand, using fresh cream and is 90% fat free. It also contains one of the lowest amounts of sugar when compared to some other soft serve ice creams and our single serve ice cream contains about 200 calories.

  5. Are you vegetarian friendly?

    We certainly are and proud to be. We are also lactovegetarian friendly.

  6. Are there allergies in Mr Whippy ice cream?

    Being made from dairy milk, naturally it contains dairy products. However, it is soy, egg and gluten free. Some of the vans also have gluten-free cones and they all have tubs – just in case. Our ice cream is also Halal and Kosher certifiable.

  7. Is Mr Whippy owned in New Zealand or by a large overseas corporation?

    Although you will find Mr Whippy Ice cream in Australia and the United Kingdom as well as New Zealand (Mr Whippy originated from the UK), we are not owned by the same organisation. In New Zealand it is a franchise operation: that means that the brand in owned by a Franchisor and each van is then owned by a franchisee or owner/operator. Not only are all the owner/operators local to your communities, the owners of the New Zealand franchise are also all Kiwis, making it a truly New Zealand company.

  8. What is the tune that the vans play?

    Ever since we started, our vans have played a distinctive tune called ‘Greensleeves’. Although this chime is owned by Mr Whippy, some of our competitors want to sound like a Mr Whippy – look out for our distinctive red & white vans with the Mr Whippy logo.

  9. Can we have a Mr Whippy van out our birthday or wedding?

    Yes! Mr Whippy loves to be at birthday parties and weddings and any celebration to make those occasions really special. You will also find us at school fetes, sports clubs and corporate events – even if it’s to give the employees a treat. To make an enquiry click here.

  10. Can we have Mr Whippy at our School or Club to help raise money?

    Mr Whippy loves to support the community and charities. Each Christmas we try to visit children who will be hospital. We also support charities, schools and sports clubs, and give back to them a percentage of our takings. To make an enquiry, click here.

  11. How do we get a Mr Whippy to our work place?

    Mr Whippy isn’t just for children. Our special vanilla flavour and creamy texture means that we are loved by mums and dads as well as the young. It’s also an easy and quick treat to give workers as part of a work function or just to say “thanks”. To make a booking or an enquiry, click here.

  12. Do you visit retirement villages and rest homes?

    Yes! Mr Whippy soft serves are enjoyed by all. We are also the oldest ice cream franchise in New Zealand, so most of us have also grown up with Mr Whippy. The distinctive vans and ‘Greensleeves’ chime make visits to retirement villages and rest homes are real treat. Because our soft serve ice cream is not as cold or as hard as rolled ice cream also makes it easy to eat. We are happy to call in as a one-off, or why not ask to have a regular visit. We’ll visit as often as you’d like us to. Click here to make a booking.

  13. How can I become a Mr or Mrs Whippy?

    Being a Mr (or Mrs) Whippy is a great way to earn a living and have fun at the same time. Click here to find out more about owning one of our franchises.