Child Safety

At Mr Whippy child safety is one of our highest priorities.

That is why ˜Mind That Child”™ is a very important phrase in the Mr Whippy world and is a mandatory requirement to appear on all our ice cream trucks.

All Mr Whippy operators are highly-experienced drivers but they also take extra caution when servicing their customers. We also encourage other vehicles and drivers to be extra careful when passing by a Mr Whippy as it is likely to have customers waiting to get their ice cream, many of whom are children.

Safety to us also means the safety of our products. We have strict policies and procedures around cleaning and maintaining of the Mr Whippy ice cream machines and vehicles. These procedures have been particularly important during Covid-19 and Mr Whippy’s have taken strict precautions to ensure the safety of all our customers. In addition to Mr Whippy’s usual health and hygiene protocols, we also have a specific Covid-19 health and safety plan. We are taking every precaution and at your event will fit in with your own Covid-19 plan.

Food Hygiene Practices

Our soft serve ice cream is 90% fat free, vegetarian and lacto vegetarian friendly, gluten free and also halal and kosher certifiable.

Our unique Mr Whippy soft serve mix is produced right here in New Zealand and is made with the highest quality New Zealand dairy ingredients, following a rigid manufacturing process.